The Vampire's Covenant

By Georgia Carter Mathers at

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He might finally earn her love if he tells her the truth. But if he does that, he could send her to hell.

Sworn to protect. Destined to love. He'll risk everything to save Evie.

Kaden knows what they're up against. He'll keep his promise.

The danger waits outside the coven. Waiting to take Evie's soul.

He'll do anything to protect her, and anything to earn her love.

She may never be safe again if he reveals his dire secret. Yet she will never be his if he doesn't.

The Vampire's Covenant is a standalone paranormal romance. If you love strong heroes and heroines, and sultry sex scenes, then you'll love Georgia’s intensely emotional and action-packed book.

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Page length: 260 Kindle pages (including the exclusive epilogue), plus the posters that come with the book.

Heat level: steamy to hot.

First Reviews

This is an intense, emotional paranormal story with an underlying theme of bullying and loss. It can be very intense and confronting in some parts. But it is also a story of love, and strength and overcoming darkness, with a happy ending. I liked Evie’s character, and I thought that Boston was great. The writing is good, even if the overtones are dark. If you want a thoughtful paranormal romance, this is the story for you. —Lynall

This was a great book! It started off a little slow for me but man did it pick up. I kept rooting for Kaden and Evie. I hope there will be a part two. I look forward to reading more about Kaden and Evie. —Dawn

Oh my goddess, Kaden is something else altogether, I just want to rip him out of the book and keep him for myself. This was a brilliant read, the characters so well written they feel like old friends. I can't get enough of this book and seriously need more, more , more . I finished this book a week or so ago and the story and characters are still active in my head, that's a sign of a great book! Thanks so much to Georgia Carter Matters for an ARC of this book. All views and opinions are my own. —Gemma



3 reviews for The Vampire’s Covenant

  1. Claire Louisa Holderness

    This was a vampire story with a difference. After being turned Evie and her brother and father along with the help of Kaden/Boston try to create a community where other new vampires can live and learn to control their vampire urges and at the same time keep them all safe. There is an enemy that they are hiding from, a demon that is extremely dangerous especially to Evie whose father decides this is to be kept a secret. There is an undertone of chemistry and romance between Evie and Boston, but there is plenty of angst during the first part of the book which really started to grate on my nerves. The second half of the book picks up its pace in all aspects and completely redeemed itself for me as I have to admit to struggling a bit. Boston has secrets he’s been keeping and danger looms, can they work through their problems and save the community and themselves from evil. Bullying is a big theme in this book and the effects it can have on those being bullied and their family and friends. 3.5⭐⭐⭐⭐

    I have just read the epilogue which was added after I read the book, what a great ending to this novel.

  2. Scarolet kEllis

    I absolutely love this story when I read it . I love reading about vampires and this story kept my interest from start to finish. I can not wait to see what is writen next and I highly recommend this story to everyone who loves rading about vampires.

  3. Linnea

    I always wondered if vampires could exist and thrive in the harsh climate of Australia. The Vampires Covenant gave me a taste. Hopefully, there would be a sequel as I would love to read about more adventures of the lovers. M rating: moderate sexual content and moderate course language

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The Vampire's Covenant started out life as the 'The Coven'. I wrote the novel and below is the quick cover I made myself.

But then I wasn't sure if the title was quite right. So I asked my readers what they thought the book should be called, and they chose The Vampire's Covenant. I may do the same with my current WIP.

The Vampire's Covenant is set deep in the Glen Rock State Forest, a real place in the Lockyer Valley Region in Queensland, Australia.

Along the way on the East Haldon Road, I happened upon this female camel. She was hilarious to watch.

Book Details: ISBNs

Epub: 978-0-6484366-1-4
Mobi: 978-0-6484366-0-7
PDF: 978-0-9945803-8-2
Paperback: 978-0-9945803-9-9


Published: 12 November 2018
Page length: 303 pages.
Word length: 70 998

You can buy the actual book at all the major e-book sites, but the bonus material is not available anywhere else.

Bonus thank-you 1: Posters

When you purchase The Vampire's Covenant, as well as the book files, you'll also receive The Vampire's Covenant 40 x 27 inch poster files (PDF).

Once you print them, they will look great on your wall. One poster is a landscape closeup of Kaden, and the other is a portrait poster of the cover. Both posters have the same dimensions.

If you love Kaden, he's gonna look awesome on your wall. And there isn't any reason not to hang him up on your wall.

Bonus thank-you 2: the vampire's covenant Epilogue

Exclusive to this site only. Although the story published on Amazon, iTunes and Kobo is complete, the book published here contains the continuation of the story.

Evie and Kaden find out whether their love is intense lust or true love that will stand the test of eternity. When an emerald necklace, a tornado, and an executioner's sword take center stage, Evie and Kaden are forced to deal with these new challenges, but also forced to find out who they really are and what they really want.

The epilogue contains thirty pages full of paranormal action and a scorching love scene.