Claiming Her Dragons, Book 2 in the Hot Addictions series

By Georgia Carter Mathers at Georgia Carter

Dragons are more fun when they've been cursed.
And when they've agreed to Amanda's terms.
She wants them all. Why not be a little naughty?
Even when a fire investigation drops them into an explosive situation, she's not going to let that stop her.
Each one of her dragons are different in their own way.
Insecurities? Yep. Emotional baggage? Yep. Ability to make her forget her own name. Yep.
They make her do stuff. At least, stuff her sisters wouldn’t let her do.
Until now.
If you love watching all the different ways a dragon can be at a Fire Witch's beck and call, you'll love reading this fast-paced, sexy reverse harem.

Available for purchase on May 18, and available in Kindle Unlimited on May 21

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Reading order:

1. Claiming Her Fire Marshals Prologue
2. Claiming Her Dragons
3. Mia's harem TBA
4. Nadia's harem TBA
5. Glenda's harem TBA



ISBN: 978-0-6484366-3-8


1 review for Claiming Her Dragons, Book 2 in the Hot Addictions series

  1. April

    I really enjoyed reading this book. This is a great story with great characters. This book has great suspense. This book won’t disappoint. Must read.

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