When you support the author directly, this means that the author gets a greater percentage of the earnings from a book. In some cases, authors can receive as little as 8% of the proceeds from the sale of a book, and that is if they are lucky. When you support independent authors, this allows us to keep writing unique and passionate romances that you won’t ever be able to buy from the big publishers.

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    Need a quick romance? The Devil Inside is a short story e-book. You’ll be surprised how little time it takes to read this one.
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    Trelloran Seduction follows Kaitlau, a princess nymph who is bent on exacting her revenge upon her father, the King of Trellora. Along the way, on the world of Volen, she meets the human rebel, Pietah. Together, they realize that they both have reasons to assassinate the king, but they also realize that they’re falling in love.
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