Review: The Castle of Earth and Embers by Stefanie Holmes

What a reverse harem! The Castle of Earth and Embers (Briarwood Reverse Harem Book 1) is probably the first paranormal reverse harem I’ve read that actually included anything close to real emotional connection. Holmes has done a great job of writing all four witchy heroes, and each one of them has something to offer Maeve […]

Review: Tattered Loyalties by Carrie Ann Ryan

  Tattered Loyalties by Carrie Ann Ryan is a paranormal romance that plays around some tough stereotypes. It is the first book in the werewolf series, The Talon Pack. At first, I wasn’t sure I would like this book, but slowly, I began to relax as the book honestly examines and describes the characters. Submissives […]

Review: When Darkness Follows by Athena Daniels

When Darkness Follows is a nail-biting mystery romance involving a demon of jealousy, three generations of the Sommers family, the Taipan Security and Investigations company (TSI), and the paranormal reality television show Debunking Reality. The heroine Rachel Sommers and hero Daniel Smith find out they should not have wasted time on hurt feelings and fear, because […]

Hunt the Darkness: how a failed alpha finds and falls for his badass heroine in hell

Hunt the Darkness by Stephanie Rowe is the erotic paranormal romance between Prince Vlad and Princess Sophie. Don’t know about you, but I have the Goldilocks syndrome. I need a hero that is just right: not too alpha, and not too beta. I guess some call this the gamma hero. Well, if that’s the type of hero you’re craving, […]

Magic Fire Book 1 by Catherine Vale

Magic Fire is a fun, quick read that reflects on racism and stereotyping. There were inconsistencies, but aside from that, it was entertaining. How to describe Magic Fire? Sweet. I think that about sums up the romance. Kaye is a psychologist and a fairy. Darius is a private bodyguard and dragon shifter, and the two of them come […]

March Giveaway Winner and My Review of Mya Robarts’ The V Girl

Before I get down to the review of The V Girl, let me announce the winner of the March giveaway. There is definitely something about winning a competition. You enter, thinking that you won’t be the winner, but then, you realize that you’re not so unlucky after all. I’d like to congratulate Del Moos. You have […]