Review: Jake’s Redemption by Jamie Schulz

Schulz’s debut offering straddles genres. It is a dystopian cowboy romance, and it examines some well-worn territory of the slave trade, gender equality, and at times, I made parallels with modern sex-trafficking. This book is a full-length novel, but it is a prequel to the series Schulz has created, in which a gender war has […]

5 tricks found in fantasy romance books and how to avoid them

Certain fantasy romance books leave you feeling duped into reading something you didn’t sign up for. Every time you try a new author, you come away feeling as though they tried to push a different kind of book on you. Generally, it isn’t an intentional thing on the part of the author or publisher. Most authors, me included, want […]

Dannika Dark’s Gaslight: Crossbreed series book 4

I publish a review of the book I’ve been reading each Tuesday, and this week, it is Dannika Dark’s Gaslight. The 372 page urban fantasy is about vampire trafficking. The story explores Christian and Raven’s relationship as well as the blurring between good and evil. Gaslight can be read as a standalone. Although, I admit I felt confused about the breed of […]