Sometimes Never & Wreck Me: Courage to fall in love

Both Sometimes Never and Wreck Me depict heroes and heroines who have experienced tough life events: death of a loved one, drug addiction and alcoholism, child sexual abuse, and mental illness. But both books try to demonstrate that love is possible anyway. It would be an awful universe if it wasn’t. Sometimes Never Cheryl McIntyre did an […]

Using the senses to characterize setting

Do you use the senses to give your setting its unique personality? It might sound like common sense, but it is worth exploring. Using all your protagonist’s perceptions enhances the reader’s access to your story. Many believe in character as setting–that is, setting should be treated as a character with its own quirks and personality. […]

Magic Fire Book 1 by Catherine Vale

Magic Fire is a fun, quick read that reflects on racism and stereotyping. There were inconsistencies, but aside from that, it was entertaining. How to describe Magic Fire? Sweet. I think that about sums up the romance. Kaye is a psychologist and a fairy. Darius is a private bodyguard and dragon shifter, and the two of them come […]

March Giveaway Winner and My Review of Mya Robarts’ The V Girl

Before I get down to the review of The V Girl, let me announce the winner of the March giveaway. There is definitely something about winning a competition. You enter, thinking that you won’t be the winner, but then, you realize that you’re not so unlucky after all. I’d like to congratulate Del Moos. You have […]

Dark romance is a slippery concept

Dark romance is capable of conveying elements of gritty realism within the fantasy. It communicates disturbing or troubling issues we encounter in real life. Not everyone would agree with this definition. I’ll admit to being vague about what actually constitutes a dark romance generally. I’ve given my definition above, but I realized over Twitter that the definition can vary […]