Secrets are never good, especially when you’re a newly-turned vampire

Pietah has no idea what the Blessed Vampire is supposed to do, but he knows what Kaitlau needs right now Kaitlau stiffened momentarily. Forcing herself to relax, she pressed against Pietah, only to find that he had responded to the fact that she was tense. She couldn’t fake it with Pietah. “I’m sorry.” Kaitlau pulled […]

Damaged Goods: A Single Dad & Nanny Romance by Rye Hart

When I started reading Damaged Goods, a book about sexy and single dad Sean, I experienced one overall emotion. via GIPHY It’s not that I was afraid to read another romance. It’s just that maybe I was afraid to read another romance. That’s you how much trust I place in the author when I read […]

Meet the writers who stare down adversity and smile!

Wanika Fazekas and Lily Amis both write about adversity. Lily writes memoir, while Wanika writes paranormal romance. Both however, write about the happiness that comes when we look beyond it. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to work with and meet a number of authors. I spoke at the Writers Unleashed […]