July Freebie: The Vampire Covenant Epilogue

I’m pretty excited about July. It’s usually a boring month, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it exciting!

I’m going all out to put the epilogue to The Vampire’s Covenant into as many readers’ hands as possible.

Only a few of you have read it, and that makes me very sad, because Evie and Kaden get up to some shit when they leave the coven.

Here is the blurb:

Kaden needs to bond their souls before it’s too late. But the danger is over. Isn’t it?

How could he know another enemy is waiting for them?

He’s too focused on being Evie’s fiancé—on being normal.

What could happen to a vampire demon and his Storm Witch?

What could happen before Kaden finally stakes his claim on Evie once and for all?



If you’ve already bought it from this website, then you already have it.

But if you bought The Vampire’s Covenant from Amazon or anywhere else, the epilogue was not included. I wrote the epilogue after I published the main story.

This is what you have to do to get the epilogue:

  1. Read the version of The Vampire’s Covenant that you already have.
  2. Send me an e-mail (info@georgiacartermathers.com)
  3. On the subject line, tell me what type of objects sit on Kaden’s shelves inside his den.
  4. If you get the answer right, I will send you the epilogue free through Bookfunnel. No subscription necessary. If you get the answer wrong, you can send me another e-mail with a different answer.

I am not putting a limit on the number of copies I will send, but obviously, I will only send one copy out to each reader.

If you haven’t purchased The Vampire’s Covenant yet, pick it up now and start reading for the answer. I have extended the end date for this competition to 31 July 2019.


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