Review: Chasing The Chambermaid by Lucy Felthouse

Lucy Felthouse sets her slow-burn reverse harem in Scotland. She treats us to a busy hotel nestled in the estate grounds of Bowdley Hall Hotel.

The estate gardener, Will MacIntyre, finds Connie White/Smith unconscious and wet in the estate barn. From there, we watch Connie’s journey to finding herself and the three men she falls for.

You’ll find Chasing Her Chambermaid in the box set Duty Bound: Contemporary Reverse Harem Romances, but you can also now buy it separately too. Awesome!

Image by Ivor Bond from Pixabay

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A woman with everything to gain

Connie runs from the man who made her into a self-conscious nervous-wreck.

She couldn’t take any more. Taking out what money she had from the ATM, she leaves with nowhere in particular to go.

She winds up lost in bad weather, and she takes shelter in a barn.

It happens to be on Bowdley Hall’s estate.

The kindly owner, Frances McKenzie, takes Connie in and gives her a job and refuge.

Now, this is a slow-burn reverse harem. And by that I mean, Connie hardly has any interaction with any men until about 70% of the way through.

Connie has lost everything. But that means she has everything to gain now. 🙂

I’m not surprised she loves her job!

Connie runs from a situation that many real-life women find themselves in, but she finds herself in a hotel with lots of easy-going and friendly workers, who want the best for her.

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Frances gives Connie work as a chambermaid and pays Connie fairly for her work, and within a couple of weeks, Connie feels happy with her situation.

And why wouldn’t she?

Because close to the end of the book, we get a better look at her three men: Will MacIntyre, the gardener who found her, Nico Moretti and Ashley Fox, both of whom are hotel workers.

Connie knows she doesn’t want romance, because she’s not up to that yet, but she wants some fun to help her heal.

will, nico & Ashley pleasure her

Casual sex isn’t something Connie has ever done before, but by the end, I don’t think she thinks of it as casual. She knows she is falling for all of them.

I give this book 4 out of 5, because I wanted to get to know Will, Nico and Ashley a bit more and a bit sooner.

This story is well written, and especially at the end, Connie has a good time.

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