Review: Wolf Hunted: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance

Sadie Moss’s Wolf Hunted is a reverse harem wolf shifter paranormal, which starts out with a girl who has been made to believe she is sick, and she gets caught up with a band of rogue wolf shifters.

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The girl who claims her courage

Alexis or Scrubbs, as her men call her, has been made to believe that she is suffering from an illness called Speyer’s Syndrome, which is an autoimmune disease that affects the facial and mouth muscles.

I guess that would make it hard to eat and speak.

But she doesn’t have this disease at all.

She’s been kept inside the Strand medical complex for most of her life, so that the doctors could experiment on her.

They reasoned that they were experimenting to cure Speyer’s Syndrome.

The hospital environment is all Alexis has known. She feels like her identity is the illness, and for me, that is a huge turn-off.

My life has always been a life where I am constantly going to a hospital because a loved one is sick or ill. I just don’t want to face that anymore.

Maybe I am weak and selfish. But I can’t stand hospitals.

So, this particular mindset and environment made me feel bad.

Until four men break into the hospital, hoping to reclaim one of their own, but end up taking Alexis instead.

I was kind of glad when that happened.

For most of the book, Alexis tries to find out who she really is, and at the end, she finds the courage to fight off an attacker.

But we never learn whether or not Alexis is human or a wolf shifter. That is left for the next book.

The wolf shifters who accept alexis as one of their own

When Alexis first meets the four wolf shifters, she is unsure whether they are her kidnappers or her friends.

And the reader is left feeling the same way.

She comments that her feelings toward them might be the result of Stockholm syndrome.

That’s a fair observation.

The team ambushed the hospital with guns firing and took her with them.

Noah is probably the most gentle of the four wolf shifters.

West and Jackson are very compassionate and protective.

Rhys has had a hard life, and exhibits dark feelings.

He saves her from a mountain lion, but the only affection he shows Alexis is during their sex scene.

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I was much more into Alexis’s relationship with Jackson and West.

She thinks Rhys doesn’t love her, but West explains that Rhys has problems processing positive emotions.

Get ready for the next book!

While the word count is that of a full-length book, the book ends on a cliffhanger.

I’m not going to be a bitch and tell you what happens.

You’ll have to read the next book to find out.

The series is complete, so if you’re okay with cliffhangers in a completed series, this won’t worry you.

I wouldn’t call this a fun book, but it is well written, and each man in Alexis’s harem are interesting in their own right.

But on the other hand, if you’re not okay with cliffhangers, then you might want to pass this one over.

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