Review: Luca’s Lessons by Deana Birch and Amelia Foster

Luca’s Lessons is a contemporary BDSM erotic romance that tantalizes the reader with a slow-moving plot and well-rounded characters.

With class, it follows the teacher-student trope.

From the beginning, I was treated to an Italian Dom who had ethics, who knew when to step back, and when to be firm.

In short, I loved this book.

It’s like dark chocolate melting on my tongue. I didn’t want to hurry it.

I wanted to float right along with the hero and heroine.

Image by Espressolia from Pixabay

A banker haunted by her lost love

Claire Favre, the star of Steinmetz and Favre banking, lost her husband to cancer.

She’d always thought she and Liam would get old together–that they had their whole lives ahead of them.

Until Liam died.

And since then, she’s been working.

Her office is devoid of anything identifying.

She dresses plainly.

This is her life now, until a rich Italian lands in her office.

Italian and proud of it

That seems to sum up Luca Bernardi.

He promises himself he won’t check out Claire’s butt as she leads him for the first time into her office.

But he does anyway, with dignity and nothing less than pulsing sensuality.

Think about a smooth Italian coffee, and that’s the experience you get from Luca as he calls her sotto.

At first, the Italian words jarred me out of the story, because although I had a general feel for what they meant, being the perfectionist I am, I had to find out the real meaning.

Italian isn’t my strong point. 🙂

But this added to the atmosphere, and together with Luca’s firm hand, I lapped up everything he had to offer.

Learning to be a sub

The whole Dom/Sub dynamic is going to be different for different people/characters.

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That is a given, but as Luca slowly teaches Claire, there are a couple of things that stood out to me: that he regarded her as more than a student–as special, and that the BDSM lifestyle is still regarded as sordid.

Nothing new in that, but I just thought people were more open-minded.

Censorship and romance

I was looking for a new editor a couple of weeks ago, and I came across someone I was thinking of employing.

The editor seemed reputable. She had qualifications and she was willing to do a sample edit, but when I asked her whether she was okay with threesomes etc, she replied she edited all types of romance, except for BDSM.

Why not BDSM?

I just left it then, because although I don’t write outright BDSM, I have a particular disdain for editors who think that an author should adhere to their personal preferences and who act as though they know the genre.

I don’t employ editors who make judgments like this.

It’s nothing more than a form of censorship, and it needs to be stamped out.

Thinking like this indicates BDSM is still widely misunderstood.

But misunderstandings can be overcome

Luca comes across the same thing at the beginning with Claire.

“I fail to see how tying up women and spanking them with riding crops is empowering.” Her expression must have been attempting to scold him.

But then she experiences the pull of the lifestyle for herself and Luca educates her as to the reality of being a sub.

“It is you, Claire, who makes the decision. While the outside world sees a submissive as weak, the truth is that they hold all the power. They are the ones who call ‘red’ to stop everything when they feel it has gone too far. They set hard and soft guidelines for what they are and aren’t willing to try. And they choose their Dom.”

And there you have it. People are afraid of what they don’t understand. At first, Claire is afraid too, but Luca gives her lessons slowly at first–achingly slow.

Overall, I give this book 5 out of 5. I loved it, and if you love strong Italian Dom’s, I’m sure you’re gonna love this book too.

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