Connecting with the land

A couple of weeks ago, my family and I made a trip out to Crows Nest and Lake Perseverance. I felt so much better when we were there.

This is my wonderful son. He recently got his driving licence. I’m a proud mum.

This sexy guy is my long-suffering husband. He helps with links on social media and does a lot of the boring stuff on Twitter.

As some of you know, I’ve been hugely stressed, and this is one of the ways I manage that stress–get out into the bush. We did this even when we were living in Sydney. We’d drive for about 20 minutes to get to the national park.

Funnily enough, it takes longer now. From Toowoomba to Crows Nest National Park–about 90 minutes in the car.

Somehow, just walking through the bush and relaxing prevents me from feeling so alienated and alone.

A large part of the stress is being connected to a computer all day. To feel the bark of a tree and see the what is happening to the land, I feel connected to it. I can’t explain it well, except to say the land makes me feel better.

You can see how dry everything is. The dam, not far from here, is very low. You can see there are just puddles, where it is supposed to be a rushing brook. Six years of drought and intermittent rain have caused these scenes. It worries me that people still think that climate change is not real. It’s very real.

We were also lucky enough to see a rock wallaby and a kookaburra. You can’t see the wallaby well, because of all the twigs and branches in the way, but you can if you look hard. He’d obviously been close to humans before. He wasn’t afraid.

So now that the first two books are out, it’s time to get back to writing, but I’ll need another trip soon, so I’ll post more pictures then. 🙂

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