Review: Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews

From the first few pages, I loved Magic Binds. This paranormal romance series hardly needs me to recommend it. I’m sure you’ve heard of Ilona.

I’m not sure where this book sits in the Kate Daniels series, but it is not the first book.

Because this is my first Ilona Andrews book, I felt a little disorientated, but I guess I will have to stop buying on impulse and actually start at the first book in a series.

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It starts with lighthearted humor over organizing Kate and Curran’s wedding, but quickly the reader understands darkness follows Kate in the form of her father. Ilona hints at it with humor.

“Good man. Only two kinds of people drink their coffee black: cops and serial killers. Sit, sit.”

A warrior who fears she’ll become the person she hates

You know that feeling where you realize you’ve become exactly like your parents. That is how Kate feels.

She fears her father. She’s been defending her land against him ever since she claimed it.

And I couldn’t help identify with how she felt, as I had a contentious relationship with my father when he was alive.

It’s an awful feeling to realize that your father did something to hurt others, to hurt people you loved.

My father didn’t murder anyone. He wasn’t a bad man. But he hurt me and my mother emotionally.

I’ll always love him, but always know things could have been different.

Hell, but back to Magic Binds.

Kate’s father did murder people. Lots of them and without remorse, and the worse thing is, she’s grappling with becoming exactly like him.

A shifter who is there when she needs him

Curran and Kate are getting married, or they’re trying to get married.

However, in the middle of trying to organize the wedding, they have to fight Kate’s father.

There is one particular scene that I loved in this book. He comes to her when she is sitting on her bed despairing:

“Where the hell would I go without you, Kate? No matter where I went, you would be there in my head. I would miss you every moment of my life.”

At that point, I knew they were already married. He knew what was going on in her head and where to find her. Curran just knew her.

Even though there is not a lot of romance and sex in this book (it is about 95% action), this made me reflect on what marriage really is: a partnership in which neither of the parties can go without the other.

What is good and evil

Andrews scatters little pieces of philosophy throughout the book, and that made me think a little.

“Evil and Good are in the eye of the beholder,” he said. “That which benefits the majority in the long run isn’t evil.”

It’s all very well to say that murder is wrong. It is wrong, but what if that murder benefits thousands?

Hitler killed himself, but before that, they were trying to assassinate him.

Were his would-be killers evil? Or were they on the side of good?

I guess, these kinds of questions will never truly be answered.

And it is probably this issue that Kate struggles with too. Is she a monster for killing people?

Is she fated to be just like her father?

Are we all fated to be just like our parents? I have to admit to struggling personally with this issue too.

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Will I die the same way my mother died? Will I hurt the people I love the way my father did?

The tendency is to run in the other direction when a person struggles with issues like this. I think this is what Kate does.

She fights her father with all her might.

Not that you need my recommendation to push you into reading a Kate Daniels novel, but I highly recommend it.

I took a long time to finish it, but that is only because I’ve been trying to finalize and release my own novels. I give this book 5 out of 5. An awesome paranormal romance!

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