Book Two in the Hot Addictions Series

I am all kinds of nervous right now. And I hate working to tight timeframes, but this might be the new normal for the next year or so.

Claiming Her Fire Marshals is up on preorder and releases on May 11. The paperback will be available in a couple months time.

Facebook party

The guys have agreed to make an appearance, and I thought you might like to come. I just hope Sol behaves himself. You never know what he’s going to do. Jason will keep him in line, and then there’s no telling what Amanda might do.

Click through and click ‘Going’ if you’d like to come.


This is my first time publishing to Kindle Unlimited, and I accidentally hit a speed bump. I can’t release ARCs for Claiming Her Fire Marshals now that it is already in KU. So if you are subscribed to KU, I’d love it if you downloaded it, read it, and reviewed it. Pretty please. You’d make my day.

But now, I’m turning my attention to the second book. I’ve decided to call it ‘Claiming Her Dragons’. It continues the story in Claiming Her Fire Marshals, and it is a full-length novel at 50K words.

I can’t release it as a beta read because I don’t have the time in the publishing schedule for that. The book may change because I’ve edited out the grammar errors and some awkward wording, but unless a major plot hole is picked up in the meantime, the story will stay the same.

If I don’t send out ARCs now, I won’t be able to do it at all, and I felt bad for you guys when I had to tell you I couldn’t release an ARC for Claiming Her Fire Marshals. So, please read the blurb below, and if you think you’d like to read this one, comment below. I will be releasing ARCs for ‘Claiming Her Dragons’ tomorrow. I will be sending the book to the copyeditor today.

I will need reviews to be posted on May 18.

Claiming Her Dragons Blurb:

Dragons are more fun when they’ve been cursed.
And when they’ve agreed to Amanda’s terms.
She wants them all. Why not be a little naughty?
Even when a fire investigation drops them into an explosive situation, she’s not going to let that stop her.
Each one of her dragons are different in their own way.
Insecurities? Yep. Emotional baggage? Yep. Ability to make her forget her own name. Yep.
They make her do stuff. At least, stuff her sisters wouldn’t let her do.
Until now.
If you love watching all the different ways a dragon can be at a Fire Witch’s beck and call, this is the book for you.

ARC requests for Claiming Her Dragons:

Comment below if you’d like an ARC, but please know that the copyeditor hasn’t yet been through it. I am having some technical difficulties with Bookfunnel, so it looks like the ARCs won’t go out until 1 May, Australian time.

ARC requests have closed. Thank you all for wanting to read my latest offering!


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