Review: Silver, Date-A-Dragon #2 by Terry Bolryder

Silver is an extremely easy-to-read paranormal romance with heart, soul, and a to-die-for hero.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this book.

The mood of the reader influences how they perceive a book, but in this case, my mood had nothing to do with it.

It kept me engaged with a feel-good plot, avoided sugarcoating issues like women and homelessness, and made me feel safe.

Yes, that is definitely the feeling it gave me. Safety.

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She’s no victim

Bolryder does a great job of communicating that the homeless are often viewed as non-people, individual names overlooked and forgotten.

But Bolryder also avoids portraying Kelsey, the heroine, as though she is a victim, who will always be poverty-stricken, as though she somehow brought the situation on herself.

Kelsey experienced situations that many women experience. She ran from situations she had no control over and finds herself without a roof over her head or a job.

Men demand sex in return for a job, food, and a bed.

But she isn’t a victim. Far from it.

I love how Kelsey earns the money to buy herself some clothes, and I love how the tables are turned, and she protects her hero.

The misanthrope who loves

Aiden is a dragon with silver in his eyes, and despite his male escort job, he hates being touched. Hates it.

He is the silver dragon. When the reader meets him, he’s in a perpetual bad mood, and he hates humanity.

Until he meets Kelsey, touches her for the first time, and kisses her.

He starts to wonder whether finding his mate is possible after all.

Something about Aiden makes me feel safe.

He willingly risks rejection to woo Kelsey, despite the fact he has been born to wealth, and she has been born to nothing.

In fact, he plucks her off the street and gives her safety, hope, and a chance at love.

Despite his initial alpha-hero entrance, I’d describe as Aiden as a definite beta-hero.

Some people starve for food. Others starve for love.

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Kelsey has been starved of love and food, but Aiden has been starved of meaningful and genuine touch.

Once he tastes Kelsey, he comes back for more, and I don’t blame him.

In his job, women want to touch him, but it means nothing.

Kelsey’s favor is what matters.

“I was coming to see if you wanted to join me for a drink,” he said, trying not to feel nervous about it. He was a dragon. She would be lucky to accompany him, yet…she was the only human he’d ever met whose opinion mattered to him.

Aiden is easy to fall for. I recommend giving him a try, because his old-fashioned way of viewing the world seemed to make my world feel better too.

Overall, five out of five from me. I fell into the world of Silver immediately, which hardly ever happens for me.

Kelsey and Aiden are easy to love, and I will definitely be reading the other books in this series when I can.

If you love dragon romances, try out this one, and let me know what you think.

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