Review: Persuasion by Jane Washington and Jaymin Eve

This paranormal reverse harem, the second book in the series, breaks the mold for me, as far as reverse harems go.

I have not read very many reverse harems. Two or three.

But I think most would see this book as different.

I’d describe it as a cross between a college romance with five gods, Harry Potter, and a little smattering of the Hunger Games thrown in. That’s my take on it anyway.

I was going to call this an erotic romance, but it’s not.

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It’s a PG romance with five gods, if you can call that PG.

Maybe, PG porn.

Lol. I don’t know.

Persuasion lies somewhere between being naughty and nice, but I’m not sure where.

It is more like a steamy, fun, YA paranormal romance with multiple gods. If that makes any sense.

The sex talk

The gods, The Abcurses, have a pact with each other to keep Willa Knight safe. They sometimes call her Willa-toy and Rocks.

I think the nicknames are probably set up in the first book, which I didn’t read.

*Rolls eyes* I hate realizing I need to read the earlier books.

Anyways, for some reason, Willa’s boobs seem to affect these gods. She’s not a normal dweller (the servants in this world).

Admittedly, I stopped and started while reading Persuasion because I’ve been so busy. Not because I didn’t like it. Just because I’m trying to get my own books out.

But back to the sex talk …

The gods announce that Willa can’t be naked anymore. Specifically, Rome informs Willa she has to wear clothes. *giggles*

Apparently, they find her nipples distracting, and because they have a piece of her soul, anyone in close proximity to her might be affected by their god powers.

I think it would have been funnier if I had read the first book. I mean, it is funny. And I kept stopping and starting, so that made it more difficult for me.

But yeah, Willa isn’t too happy after being told she needs to be clothed. I guess I can understand that, since her clothes are supplied by the gods themselves. He he.

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The Abcurses

Where do I start? The Abcurses each hold a piece of Willa’s soul. There is Yael, Rome, Siret, Aros, and Coen. And they’re all slumming it at the academy as part of a curse that they incurred, thanks to their father, Abil.

So they named themselves by putting together the word Ab and curse, to make The Abcurses.

They’re all funny in their own way. I liked how Siret fashions Willa’s clothes, but it’s not quite fair he makes the clothes smaller and smaller.

I’m giving this book 4 stars out of 5. I think most will enjoy this book, and I love the fact that it doesn’t follow the same mold as the other reverse harems I’ve read.

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  • Claire Louisa Holderness says:

    It sounds interesting, but I guess I read reverse harem for the hot sex scenes, so I’d probably not read this for pg sex scenes.

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