Review: Magic Bite and your thoughts on books in Kindle Unlimited

What can I say about this paranormal romance comedy, the first book in the Supernatural Bounty Hunter series?

Funny? Easy to read? Hopelessly romantic? It’s all those things.

This book by Leia Stone and Lucia Ashta had me glued to this book from the first page.

I love Evie Black and her sidekick imp partner, Cass. Oh. My. Gosh. What isn’t there to love about Cass in all his garish, furry glory.

Yeah, I need me a sidekick like that.

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And Brock the Cock (I love how Evie puts that) had me panting when Evie gets naked with him in the first few pages.

I want to know why I have not discovered these two authors before, because they are worth it.

The dud witch who is anything but a dud

Evie Black. User of clichéd phrases. Possesses watered-down witchy powers as well as a mysterious destiny. Not afraid to let loose with a werewolf she doesn’t know.

These two thoughts pretty much describe Evie:

This is movie sex. I’m having movie sex with a werewolf.

I’d fucked my Gran’s arch nemesis.

I suppose some might think that it is frivolous, but it is so much fun.

The alpha with a soft-spot for his sworn enemy

I still can’t get over her nickname for him–Brock the Cock. But the alpha gets his own back when she realizes that she’ll be spending a whole lot more time with him.

No, I’m not going to spoil the surprise.

It’s clichéd, but these two authors make it worth your while.

In Brock’s defense, he’s protective. He’s thoughtful, and he’s hot. I think that’s all that needs saying.

The kind of book that will instantly put you in a good mood

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One day, I hope someone will say this about one of my books.

One day it might happen.

Magic Bite is just good fun.

Oh, and I saw a one-star review of this book on Goodreads. Just rolled my eyes.

Some people don’t want to have fun.

I couldn’t get enough of Evie.

She is the kind of character most readers want to spend time with.

I will take notes.

As Evie might say, what the ever-living fuck are you doing not reading this book?

Kindle Unlimited

As you know I’ve just put my next book into production, and the novella will be going into Kindle Unlimited.

Are you subscribed to Kindle Unlimited (KU)?

Do you tend to read books in KU only?

Send me a private e-mail as well if you don’t want to comment below.

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