Review: Dark Sentinel by Christine Feehan

This sexy paranormal romance from Christine Feehan doesn’t disappoint. With a saucepot-wielding heroine to a Carpathian hero who claims her as his lifemate, I was thoroughly engrossed in Dark Sentinel.

Tariq and Charlotte reappear in this book too. I think there are things I might have missed in Dark Carousel, so it was great to read another book in the Carpathian series. I ended up feeling a bit more comfortable with the world Feehan has built.

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Murder has a way of interrupting the peace and quiet

I laughed when Lorraine Peters beat the crap out of the would-be human vampire hunters.

As in Dark Carousel, the inept human vampire hunters can’t seem to tell the difference between a vampire and a Carpathian.

The human vampire hunters manage to wound the hero badly, and he’s already sustained heavy wounds in his battle with the real vampires.

That is, I laughed until I found out why Lorraine is there in the first place. She has been camping, trying to get away from the world.

The reason?

Her brother had killed their parents, her friend’s parents, and himself.

She can’t understand it. Her brother had been so caring, but he’d taken away her family. And that’s when Andor Katona finds her.

Or rather she finds Andor, lying on the ground after being mortally wounded by the human vampire hunters.

The Ancient who waits

No one would feel like waiting if they had found their lifemate after centuries of not being able to feel or see in color.

It would be unbearable. It would be like slowly dying inside.

Andor says something that hit home to me: “killing without emotion becomes … easy. And it shouldn’t be.”

But Andor waits for Lorraine, despite his desperation.

And I love that.

Tariq is impatient and demanding with Charlotte. To a certain extent, Andor is too, but he seems to have a sense of humor.

Andor doesn’t hide anything from Lorraine, even the pieces of information he’s not sure about.

He makes absolutely sure she is able to make an informed decision about converting.

He makes the distinction between being fated and choosing to love that person, and he does it with the masked humor of a Carpathian.

Are there parts you are still concerned with?”

“Yes. I’m committed, but I do have questions. I wanted to meet the other women, but you whisked us away so fast, I didn’t get the chance. I’m not complaining,” she added hastily. “I would much rather be with you than anyone else.”

“Good recovery,” he teased.

Lorraine absolutely chooses Andor of her own free will, and he realizes this as well. He realizes how much she gives up to convert.

Women learning to defend themselves

This is a pertinent issue for any woman, regardless of whether we’re talking about real life or fiction.

I admit that I would be completely helpless if someone were to attack me.


And I guess I should do something about that.

After Lorraine arrives at Tariq’s compound, the women welcome her because they want another woman to help teach self-defense.

It is so important, because let’s face it, no one knows when they will find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Just two weeks ago, I found myself in the taxi with two women who refused to pay their fare.

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I asked if they had a friend who would pay it. One of them replied that all her friends were in jail for murder.

That shut me up for a quick second.

Yep. If they had decided to get violent, I would not have been able to defend myself.

It wouldn’t have mattered that there are cameras in the taxi. I would still have been defenseless.

I should take a leaf out of Lorraine’s book so-to-speak. He he.

But it is an important issue for all women, and I liked that Feehan included.

All up, I loved this book more than Dark Carousel, I think. So five stars from me.


  • Linnea says:

    I will need to read it again. I did love that Andor waited as carpathian males are a very impatient bunch. It usually only takes a few days or weeks for the women to figure out they can’t live without the man anyway. I did like the humour. I do find the sex scenes in books too much. That’s me I don’t mind abit but not alot. I have everyone of her books even those that I didn’t like that much, as at one stage it felt like had gone off track. Just re-read some and reminded my why I love the series

    • Georgia Carter Mathers says:

      Yes, it doesn’t take Lorraine long. At one stage, she needs to be away from Andor for a day, while he sleeps, and that is very hard for her. Yes, I think it’s a fabulous series too. Although I saw that some readers on Goodreads feel that the series repeats itself quite a bit. I guess, it depends what you feel like at the time too. But I love this book. 🙂

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