Review: Dragon Pact: Blood Dragon #1

This book is a promising comical urban fantasy with romantic elements. The prince of a new crossbreed of vampire and dragon meets a beautiful school teacher when she inadvertently interrupts a murder.

The light and entertaining story made me laugh in parts. The heroine engages in humorous exchanges with her roommate. I needed that after reading the dystopian I finished the day before.

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There are no sex scenes. The hero sinks his fangs into the heroine’s wrist, sending waves of sexual pleasure through her, but that’s about it.

In short, there is a lot of potential here. But as a reader, I wish I had paid more attention to the existing reviews on the product page. Here’s why.

The vampire dragon who keeps getting injured

Adam Grayson, the hero, keeps getting injured when he is saving the people he loves.

At one point, he enters full sunlight to retrieve his little sister. He wears an overcoat and an umbrella, but the sun still burns off all the skin on his face, revealing his skull.

I admire Adam’s courage, but it probably isn’t a good thing to try to save someone, only to need saving yourself.

But actually, despite this, I like Adam. He charmed me. I like the fact that he’d do anything for his little sister and that he’d put himself in danger for someone he hardly knows.

The bored schoolteacher who sees more than she should

Sarah Rennelle witnesses a murder in a dark alleyway after school.

When the killers turn on Sarah, Adam rushes to her rescue. But of course, he sustains serious injuries and loses consciousness.

Sarah and her friend, Jenny, realize the elevator is out, “so they dragged his feet up the steps to their second-floor apartment.”

All I could think of was the mental image of his head bouncing off the stairs. Poor Adam.

A book with potential but marred by the poor delivery

There are some exceptional instances where the use of body language and dialogue combine to create the humorous scenes I mentioned at the beginning.

I particularly enjoyed this aspect. This combination of body language and dialogue makes this book entertaining.

But there is a problem with the amount of errors. It became very distracting.

I understand that this is a freebie, and that editing costs money, but the whole point of freebies is to give the reader an idea of what they might expect in the next paid book.

Unfortunately, the incorrect marketing and poor editing discourages me from buying the next book.

By incorrect marketing, I mean the cover indicates that the book contains sex and that the heat level is hot, but that is not what is contained in the book.

The heat level is sweet.

But I wanted sex scenes.

As I stated above, this book is an urban fantasy with romantic elements, not a romance.

The author hints at the romance between Sarah and Adam. She sets the romance up, but if there is a romance arc there, it continues into the next book.

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The story is littered with missing words, missing letters in words, repeated phrases such as ‘the young girl’ and ‘the newcomer’.

At one stage, the point-of-view changes from third person to first person and then back to third person again. These are all simple things that could be easily changed by the author, but these errors appear to have been there for quite some time.

The protagonists are likable, but require more thought. When Sarah starts speaking to herself and answering her own thoughts verbally, it is quirky the first time. When she continues to do this, it comes across as though she is ditsy.

I guess I am opening myself up to the risk of 1 star reviews on my own books. My intention isn’t to discourage the author. Rather, I am reviewing the book for other readers, and I think it’s important to be truthful.

No one is perfect, and no book can be perfect, but I believe in making an effort to produce and market a book that isn’t full of errors.

In conclusion, if you want a light urban fantasy without sex, and you don’t mind the editing errors, then pick this one up.


  • Claire Louisa Holderness says:

    The editing errors alone would drive me mad. And I too like sex scenes, especially in books with covers like this one

    • Georgia Carter Mathers says:

      I guess also it annoyed me that Amazon distributes books with this many simple errors. It wouldn’t take much to fix them. The reader invests their leisure time in books; we don’t deserve books that are full of errors.

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