Review: Demon Forsaken by Jenn Stark

Demon Forsaken, the second book in the Demon Enforcers Series, is definitely better than the first, Demon Unbound. This book kept me sitting on the edge of my seat, constantly winding up the tension, and at one point, I couldn’t help it, I cried.

This book can be hard-hitting, partly because of the Christian concepts.

But pushing this aside, this is an AMAZING story. It is well told, in anyone’s language. I can’t fault the storytelling.

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The blessed Security Executive

Dana Griffin is Lester Morrow’s favorite niece. She works for Lester in his security company.

Lester Morrow is a driving force in the Society of Orion, a group that had been set up in 1223 to serve God by protecting the children of his angels and forgive the faithful at Judgment Day.

Funnily enough, Lester’s faith in God is all too human. In the event that God does not forgive those faithful to the society at Judgment, the society will use the Dawn Children to wage war against God at Armageddon.

An inspired piece of storytelling!

As it turns out, Dana herself is a member of the Dawn Children, capable of extreme speed and quick healing, but unlike all the other Dawn Children, she is the key to the list.

What list?

I will let you read that for yourself.

Not going to spoil that.

The Fallen Angel who has no memory of his sin

At first, I found it hard to feel connected to Finn. He is a Fallen who had somehow sinned, but is obviously a benevolent character.

His official title is Finn of the Syx, ultimate Demon Enforcer.

It is only when the antagonist utters the words below that I really fell in love with Finn. This is about halfway through.

You didn’t Fall from the blessed realms of heaven, demon,” the archangel cut him off coldly. “You were pushed.”

It becomes clear to the reader that Finn has been wronged. He has been placed in circumstances where he can be tested.

This element makes me love Finn. And I think his struggle at the end to be with Dana makes his sacrifice all the more gripping.

Please read this book. I can’t promise that you’ll love all of it, but I can promise you some wonderful storytelling.

Heartfelt cameos

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Before I end this review, I want to mention Timothy. He’s a Dawn Child.

When we first meet him, he’s one of Lester’s cronies, wielding an experimental gun at Finn. He’s eighteen and enthusiastically follows Lester’s every command.

But at the end, Dana holds Timothy in her arms as he dies. He confesses that like Dana, Lester had given him a family and paid for everything he needed. Lester had become his family when Timothy had none.

And yet Lester put him danger, just as he had done to Dana.

Timothy confesses to Dana before he goes:

I always wanted to have a big family,” he said.
“Me too,” she [Dana] said softly.
But Tim could no longer hear her.

I cried. And I thought about why I cried.

This is what this story is all about–family.

Humans crave the connectedness of family–those who would love and protect us at any cost. I cried so hard.

Pick this one up. The storytelling will speak for itself.


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