Review: Cursed by Night by Jasmine Walt & Emma Stark

This is a reverse harem about a cop named Acelina (Ace) Bissett and four gargoyles who are bent on bringing about justice for the strange deaths that have been occurring.

People are dying from extreme loss of blood.

The gargoyles have been cursed by a witch to sleep by day as stone gargoyles who guard the old home Acelina inherits. It is what happens at night that interests me.

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Ace has a reputation for finding logical reasons for things that seem to have supernatural causes, but after meeting these gargoyles, Acelina has to admit that there is no logical explanation for this.

At first, she starts to doubt herself.

They’re men in costumes,” I say to myself. “Movie-quality costumes. I’ll go back and arrest them for…for…uh…freaking me out.”

Her four gargoyles come to life at night. Kind of like Night at the Museum.

The gargoyles explain that they are brothers Templar Knights.

All of them have veined wings, claws for fingernails, and cute asses.

Ace explains that the gargoyles represent everything she could want in one man, but divided up into four different bodies.


Ace’s original estimation is correct. Hasan does a lot of ripping bodies apart in this book, but he came across to me as one big softie.


When Ace first meets Jacques, she feels like she knows him.

He’s definitely the one that makes Ace’s heart pound first.

She misses his touch when she leaves the house.

There is a lot of chemistry between these two at the beginning, but poor Jacques doesn’t quite get Ace’s sarcasm.

He and Ace get it on fairly quickly. Pleasure is his specialty.


This one seems to suspect everything.

When confronted with pizza, he asks if he can eat it. I thought that was funny.

Actually both he and Thomas seem to look at the pizza with curiosity.

They both have sky-blue eyes, which I thought was sexy.

I love sky-blue eyes.


He’s the quiet one.

He holds out on Acelina until almost the end, because I think he’s not sure whether he can share her with the others.

But when Gilbert and Thomas get together, it felt as though the massages they gave Ace were to-die-for.

The vampires

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Apart from the romance with Ace’s four hotties, she spends a lot of time trying to catch the murderers.

Eventually, she tracks down the source of the vampires who are killing to satisfy their bloodlust.

Some of the young vampires are also eating human bones to get the nutrition they need, and that sets Ace on track to finding the Sire of all these vampires.

The action plot and the romance plot both have full story arcs but this book has a continuation, so I will have to get the next book to let you know how it goes.

I really liked this one. I’ll definitely read more of Emma Stark and Jasmine Walt in the future.


  • Claire Louisa Holderness says:

    Sounds interesting

    • Georgia Carter Mathers says:

      Yes, there was a lot of fun to be had when the ancient gargoyles learned how to use technology. I liked this one, but I also think reverse harems are an acquired taste. I’d stopped reading this last year, but then I picked it up again, and I loved it.

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