Dragon Addictions–the premise

The Invisibles — Fire Investigation Unit

Please note: this is the dummy cover to the book. I will have my cover designer do up a better one once the book has been written.

Amanda vowed to save the fire marshals in her team.

They depended on her to keep the bureaucrats off their backs. Part of her job as the Chief Fire Marshal.

Did it matter that Amanda was also a member of the Ruling Coven? Her sisters would have destroyed her team by now had her sisters known their real identities.

Amanda looked up from her messy desk and glanced through the office window into the garage, where the step van had been parked.

Jason leaned on the door of the van and pointed at something Ethan was doing with an equipment pack.

She couldn’t hear exactly what Jason said, but she heard Ethan.

“They’re fucking with our supplies again.” Ethan had never been the quiet type.

Jason was a bit more even-tempered, but just as determined to achieve the team’s goals.

She’d seen the other team members, Eric and Sol, in the gym earlier, and it was Manny’s day off. He was probably hiding out at his forest cabin.

The team of five fire marshals called themselves The Invisibles.

Amanda went along with the team name, but the five were anything but invisible. They were not human; they were dragon shifters.

She’d bet the next hundred years on it.

And despite everything, she couldn’t help herself.

All five of them were like muscled ice pops.

Amanda licked her top lip.

Each of them hid large packages underneath their fire suits.

Telltale eyes that gave her that dizzy feeling as though she had been nestled against a wall and kissed.

They had rough hands she wished were squeezing her butt right now.

Her Witch senses screamed their warnings. None of those fire marshals were human.

By rights, she should have destroyed them.

But she wanted them instead.

Jason’s smile was devilish and superior; he was the responsible leader who looked after his team, but he wasn’t beyond cracking a joke.

Ethan, second-in-charge after Jason, had dark secrets, but inside, he was a puppy dog.

Eric analyzed most of the forensic research–curious to the end.

Sol had spent time on the streets; Amanda was a little more careful of Sol.

Somehow, he knew when she wasn’t telling the complete truth.

She’d shielded herself from their dragon senses. None of them knew she was a Witch.

If they had known her real identity, they would have tried to take the revenge that all dragon shifters find instinctive. Yes, she needed to be extra careful of Sol.

And that made her attraction to him all the more addictive.

But Manny? Oh, Manny.

Amanda would easily cuddle up with him in front of a fireplace any place, any time.

She’d grown too close to all of them. She wanted to protect them. She wanted to love them. She wanted …

This could only end in tears.

Dragons have always been territorial.

She couldn’t afford for lust to rule her life right now.

She opened her desk drawer and brought out a handful of chaste tree berries.

Munching on them, she closed her eyes and murmured the spell, “When I look at them, I will feel nothing.”

But the influence of the spell and the berries would be short-lived.

There was only one way to cure her addiction to these dragon shifters. What could possibly go wrong?


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One reader said that they were looking for a different reverse harem. Is this different enough? Or does it sound too similar to something else you’ve read?

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