Review: Demon Unbound by Jenn Stark

Demon Unbound is both a cunning and emotional paranormal romance.

It draws from Christian belief to bring together a demon, who is paying for his sin of anger, and a human who struggles to avenge the death of the cousin who died in her arms.

In a way, I found the heroine comforting. She seems to have everything in control. Lol. Unlike me. Maybe that is why I like her so much.

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Especially close to the end, I cried.

This book brought up a lot of personal stuff for me. I don’t believe in the Christian God or the Christian concept of sin.

But I’m finding even after a full year after my mother’s death, little things make me cry.

She was deeply religious, and the book often refers to God’s precious children.

I guess it hit a nerve a couple of times, and that’s what made me cry. And perhaps that attests to the emotional content of the book too.

If you’re Christian, you’ll either see this book as blasphemous or as a paranormal romance that sits well within your belief system.

Demon Unbound, and not very glamorous

I liked Stark’s creation of glamour.

It’s a kind of cloak that allows the demon to disguise his or her real form.

The demon’s form is explained as a representation of what that demon thinks is an appropriate form after his or her fall from God’s grace.

And in Warrick’s case, his body is covered in fur and his head looks like that of a lizard.

His knuckles also drag on the ground. But his glamour presents Warrick in a slightly more desirable way.

The undercover cop who trusts no one but loves unconditionally

Maria and Warrick wind up in the shower together. It’s the only place safe to talk.

They can be sure that the shower isn’t bugged.

A rather good excuse to get naked with a stranger. Lol.

And the glamour hides his demonic form.

Maria is the kind of woman who doesn’t allow herself to get emotionally involved, until now.

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She’s hunting the man responsible for the death of her cousin, Cara, and she’s been hunting him for most of her life.

As tough and cynical as they come.

Maria is no fool, and she doesn’t believe in the spiritual realm.

It is a bit of a leap for her to come to terms with the fact that Warrick is a demon.

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There is a lot to love about Demon Unbound.

I’ll definitely read the second, which I think is about Finn, a member of Warrick’s team.

This book gets 4 out of 5 from me.

Even though it took me ages to read it, the story always kept me engaged.

I never felt bored and the pacing of the action is good.

I thoroughly believe that Warrick and Maria are made for each other.

Stark did a great job, and in many ways, it helped me realize that I’m not too old to miss my mother.

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