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The Vampire’s Covenant is live. Thank you to those who contributed to it.

Now I’m thinking about the next book.  I have two on the horizon. ‘The Miana Prophecy’ is coming, but I will also be writing a novella, and I’m going to put it straight into Kindle Unlimited. I’m looking for your opinions. What do you guys think about this?

For those of you who have read The Vampire’s Covenant, the following draws on a small scene where Kaitlynn and Evie were talking.

the scenario—witch MATCHED

Wes reached into his jeans to pull a ten dollar note from his pocket.

Figures. He had lost another darts game to Kaitlynn.

And more money.

If he knew one thing about this vampire, it was that she never backed down from a challenge.

He kept the dart board in the back room for this reason. And because he told himself he was an easy-going employer.

In front of the customers, Kat was all business. She was the model shop assistant, always willing to help and give great customer service. But when she shut the grocer shop doors, out came the beer and the darts. Wes never argued.

He even looked forward to it. She’d beat him at the game, every time. She laughed, her eyes shining. Her long, wavy hair draped over her shoulders as she took the note from between his fingers.

He might be a spirit guide, skilled at astral travel, but right now, he had no intention of leaving his body. He was still a man. Still had blood running through his veins. Still saw the lust in her eyes as she shoved the money underneath her bra strap.

A woman like that. He’d have to be dead not to notice the spark in her laugh. Wes sculled back his beer, preferring not to bring attention to the fact that he was getting a hard-on.

He’d concentrate on winning the next game if he could, but that would also mean he’d have to disrupt her thought processes enough to make her make a mistake. And he wasn’t going to do that just to win a darts game.

She’d eventually realize something wasn’t right anyway.

He could send her a suggestion–that they should play all night and see who comes out the victor. But that might not be a good idea either. She was only a vampire after all, and that would just lead to the temptation of suggesting something far more dangerous. And sexy. And …

A man and woman walked past the shop, holding hands. The woman giggled, her voice muffled by the shop window, but the sound was still loud enough to hear. Kaitlynn glanced up, down the hallway and out through the shop front window to scan the couple. The glare of the afternoon sun was shining through the window, making her squint.

The guy grinned at the woman–perhaps his girlfriend. He was tall and dressed well. He could be a big city stock broker, by the look of him. Obviously not from around here. He stuck out like a crocodile in a swimming pool.

“He ain’t got a chance.”

“Huh?” Wes stared at the couple.

“She won’t sleep with him, not for keeps anyway.”

Why the hell wouldn’t the woman want him? He looked like he had the whole package. “Why not?”

She shrugged. “He’s too up himself.”

“Oh,” he replied, nodding, absently. Because even though he could do things like talk to the spirits, he still had no idea what made Kat tick. “So, ugly men get the girls?”

“Not always,” she replied, before she took another swig of beer. “But girls like ugly men, because they know they can rely on them.”

“That must be why then.” Wes chuckled.

“Why what?”

He finished his beer. “Why I’m still single.”

She smacks his bicep. “Pretty boy.” She laughs, tossing her head back, her hair swishing behind. “You’ve got nothing to worry about.”

“You’re different. I’ve seen how they look at you. A good-looking, single local man? That’s different.”

“So different rules apply to locals?”

She nods, all businesslike. “Well, you don’t dress like that guy out there does, so yeah. Different rules apply to the S & S principle.”

“The S & S principle?”

“Single and successful,” Kat clarified. “And local, which means you’re available to settle down.”


“People know you,” she continued, a knowing smile streaking across that mischievous face of hers.

Interesting theory, but Kat had it all wrong. It didn’t matter where you came from. Women judged men on their looks. You could bet your bottom dollar on it. And charm played a role too. Not just looks. “You think women will jump at the chance to marry an ugly guy?”

No fear. An ugly man with charm would still get knocked back.

This could be a game he could actually win. “You think I’m an eligible bachelor?”

He would have to set some rules. No sex whatsoever, not until Kat was truly in love with him. A date or a few dates would have to be enough. It wouldn’t be fair to tempt her sexually, not before he knew she had given her heart first.

“Oh, yes. Wes. You’re the most eligible of them all. According to Annie anyway.”

“Oh, well. Care to make a wager to prove that a pretty boy like me can’t get the pretty girl?”

“Sure,” she said, wryly. “What do I have to do to prove you wrong.” She opened another beer and put the mouth of the bottle to her lips.

“$200 says you’ll be in love with me by the end of the week.”

Kat sucked down the liquid fast, but it must have gone down the wrong way, because she coughed and spluttered, beer spewing from her lips.


“$200 says you’ll accept my marriage proposal this time next week. What do you say?”

She turned as she put the beer down on the boxes of canned corn, her hands landing on her hips as she walked away. “Pretty boy, you’re on. $300 says I make you wish you could shut up your shop and leave town by the end of the week.” Kat turned to face him. “You know what they say about girls like us?”

“No. What?”

“When we’re good, we’re very, very good,” she said, smirking. “But when we’re bad …”

He laughed. “You don’t scare me.” After all, she was just a vampire. They shook hands, each with a knowing grin on their faces, confident of their impending win.

Her grasp was as tight as his. She wasn’t likely to give any indication of weakness. “Babe,” she started, her tone condescending. “That will be your downfall. I can tell you now.”

Wes noticed the warmth of her hand, the zap of electricity pulsing from his stomach to his groin.

He frowned and let her hand go. He probably shouldn’t explore why that had happened. Quickly, he grinned again. There was no way he’d let Kat have the satisfaction of knowing that this might be more than a lighthearted bet for him.


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    Oooh yes please!!! Can’t wait to read it!

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    Oh yes please oh please!

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    Glad you like it, Patty!

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