Review: In Blood We Trust (A dystopian romance) by Elodie Colt

Happy Halloween everyone!

Just the time to talk dystopian romances!

This is a thoroughly engaging read, depicting a world divided between those who drink blood and those who don’t.

In Blood We Trust draws from the school of thought that vampirism or at least the need to drink blood can cure human illness.

The futuristic world where blood becomes a government commodity

Like every other major resource, the government or at least the governing body of the Federal Department for Recipients (FDR) controls the collection and the distribution of healing blood (The Cure) to those who suffer from cancer.

The Cure isn’t available to everyone. That would be too humane. It is only available to the rich.

Jordon Lively, the heroine, has blood type AB, and as such, she is forced to donate blood every week. And she’s not too happy that her blood is being commandeered.

The rape case that gets personal

Sergeant Jordan Lively is a cop who specializes in rape and murder cases. When asked why she specializes in these types of cases, she replies ‘Because it’s so much fun’.

I happen to love sarcasm. And Jordan has oodles of it.

She is hunting the man who brutally raped her, draining her of blood to the point where she loses consciousness.

Jordon is often hesitant and clumsy, but by no accounts is she the kind of heroine who you would regard as weak. At one point, she jumps under a train in order to catch her rapist.

Her lieutenant becomes more than just her boss

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Aiden Davis has a past he doesn’t discuss with anyone. He takes over as Jordan’s Lieutenant, but during his first meeting with Jordan, he is sure that his feelings are anything but professional.

That is made pretty clear.

Aiden has a military background, but I never found him to be overly aggressive. Rather I thought he sounded more like a beta-hero, and you know what, I like that.

I think Jordan likes it too. He is gentle with her, and he shows her the wounds and the consequences of his own injuries.

You can see the metal chest plate on the cover.

I didn’t look at it very well when I bought the book, but when I was reading it, I realized that the cybernetic chest plate has been grafted onto and fully integrated into his body to repair his shoulder and chest after he had been impaled.

All up, this book is well thought-out, the characters are well defined, and the romance steamy. I’m giving it a 4.5 out of 5. If you love dystopian romances and crime thrillers, I think you’ll like this one.

Happy Halloween everyone, and if you happen to read this book, be sure to come back and let us know what you thought.


  • Scarolet Ellis says:

    I would love to read this for an honest review.

    • Georgia Carter Mathers says:

      It is a terrific read, Scarolet. You might have to approach the author and see if she will give you an ARC. Worth a try.

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