The Vampire’s Covenant is nearly here!

Preorder The Vampire's Covenant

I am nearly beside myself with this book.

I have finally been able to put it up for preorder.

I am going full steam though, so if you’d like your copy, go ahead, and get it now.

All those who order the book before November 12 will receive a preorder thank you pack, which includes digital downloads of two 27 x 40 inch posters featuring Kaden and the first chapter of the novel.

To claim your preorder pack, please send me an email (at the top of the website) with proof of purchase, and I’ll send it out to you.

Please allow at least 12 hours though, as I live in Australia, and I might be sleeping when you send me the email. 🙂

Preorder The Vampire's Covenant

You are all wonderful readers, and I thank you so much for the support I have already received!




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