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Evie straightened, not realizing he’d been staring at her rear. A long blade of grass in her hand, Evie continued to walk. “If I didn’t feel this way, I’d say that it’s perfect out here. I wish …”

Kaden followed, glancing furtively at the way she took the road, full of confidence, yet hesitant, as though she feared what her next steps would bring. “You wish?” he questioned.

Just like he shouldn’t have been staring at her backside, he knew he shouldn’t have been looking at Evie’s soul either. But he couldn’t help it. The colors had dulled, until the individual shades merged and became slightly gray.

“I wish Mom could see this.” She gestured toward the silent mountain to their left, her hand quivering slightly.

Kaden stared for a moment at her hand and the way it revealed what might be going on for Evie.

Was she struggling to accept her mother’s death? Likely, this was why Jacob and Elijah sat in the grass together.

They were consoling each other.

Evie’s mother was probably in a lot of pain right now, enduring the prison of ascension. Her mother had been the only one not to survive.

Clearly, Evie knew her mother had suffered. But she didn’t know that her mother was still suffering.

Kaden didn’t have the heart to put that reality into words. “I’m sure she would have loved this landscape. It is definitely strange, but somehow it reminds me of home. It has character. Reminds me of the simple days.”

A crow swooped in front of them and landed on the road.

“Home?” she asked.

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“To be frank, not really home, but a little like Nebraska perchance. I’ve visited a couple of times.”

Evie nodded, the corner of her mouth pulling upward for a second. “So where is your home?”

He thought for a moment. He didn’t have a home, not now. He wandered the Earth, following the call of the gods. “I was born in Boston, if that is what you mean.” He kicked a stone with his foot as he walked.

“Boston, huh?”


She stopped for a moment, as though she were evaluating him. As though she saw his past and knew what he would do in the future. “You know, Boston,” she said.

He was puzzled, a little annoyed. “I beg your pardon?” He’d already told her his name. Why had she referred to him as Boston?

“You don’t mind if I call you that, do you? Boston just sort of seems to suit you.”

He met her gaze and then realized she had been evaluating him. Jacob had warned him that she was a Storm Witch. She did everything on her own terms. He didn’t doubt it now.

He smiled. The Storm Witch was accepting him into her family’s midst, after their ordeal, and this was her way of doing it.

“No, Evie,” he replied; so long as she didn’t know what he really was, he could handle that nickname. “I don’t mind. You can call me that if you prefer.”

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    Another snippet ☺

    • Georgia Carter Mathers says:

      🙁 I’m teasing. I know.

      These will run over the next two weeks. When the cover is done, I can put these installments altogether into a short book my subscribers can download for free before I launch the actual book.

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