Review: Kadin. A scifi alien romance (Dragons of Riddich series, book 1)

Kadin is the one-hundred-page prequel to the Dragons of Riddich series written by Mel Teshco.

It starts with sex between an operative of the Paranormal Detection Agency and her target, a wealthy alien dragon shifter who has come to Earth.

It ends with the agent finding justice and the lovers realizing their dream of a beautiful future together.

I like Teshco, and I have featured her on this blog, but I didn’t connect with this novella at all.

That doesn’t mean you will have the same reaction.

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The alien dragon shifter doesn’t waste any time in pleasuring his heroine

Kadin has been ordering hookers, knowing that he’d eventually end up with his heroine, Grace.

I’m not sure how he knew he would end up with Grace, but he’s been waiting for her, and when she arrives, he doesn’t disappoint.

Honestly, he reaches around Grace as she stands at the mirror and makes her forget why she’s even there.

If you love lots of sex scenes, this erotic romance novella is for you. Because Kadin takes every opportunity to please Grace.

The sex isn’t mechanical. Rather the sex scenes rely on the emotions, although I admit, I didn’t connect emotionally with them.

Kadin needs heaps of calories, so that he can shift into his dragon form.

He’ll eat anything he can. Well, within reason.

He consumes five cans of baked beans in quick succession while they are on the run from Grace’s former team at the Paranormal Detection Agency.

Grace comments that she knows why he can breathe fire now.

I think Teshco has some kind of sense of humor, and perhaps there is a tongue-in-cheek tone throughout, but that could just be my feeling.

You never know, dragon shifter physiology is probably a lot different from human physiology. No explosions from Kadin’s rear end actually results.

The operative realizes her whole life has been a lie

At first, Grace reminded me of Samantha in the movie, The Long Kiss Goodnight. Samantha discovers that she is not the perfect mom and teacher she always thought she was. Rather, she’s really a top-secret agent, trained to kill.

But Grace and Samantha aren’t quite the same. Grace doesn’t have amnesia.

Grace knows that she has been inducted into the Paranormal Detection Agency at a young age, and that they trained her to kill and hump for them.

She’s been working as an operative for a long time, but she’s also been looking for the person who murdered her parents.

At times, Grace feels very vulnerable as she realizes her team at the agency have betrayed her. She doesn’t mind when Kadin decides to take care of her.

I can’t say that I connected with Grace emotionally.

Kadin a scifi alien romance presents A world flush with the paranormal

Don’t get me wrong. I love dragon shifters, but I wanted to read a science fiction romance. This novella had very little science fiction in it.

The only science fiction element is that Kadin somehow lands on Earth. The paranormal elements take over after that.

I read the introduction to book 2, and this one sounds much more like a science fiction book. It also sounds less rushed.

Teshco wrote the sex in book 1 well, but I’m not sure what to feel about the romance

Kadin and Grace don’t instantly fall in love. However, I’d still call this instalove, since the two realize they want to be together forever after only a couple of days.

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“So our attraction is really nothing more than … lust?”

He shook his head. “No. What I feel for you is much deeper than just the physical. It’s emotional. It’s spiritual.” His hand moved downward, spread fingers resting on her flat belly. “You’re my life mate.”

I’m still not quite sure how I feel about this. Mind-blowing sex can be spiritual. It really can. But does that translate into finding your life mate? I’m not sure.

Is Instalove automatically fake?

Can someone fall in love after only a short time?

My husband asked me to marry him after only seeing me three times I think. We lived in different cities, but we wrote regularly.

I laughed at him when he proposed. I regret that because I had hurt him.

But eventually we tied the knot, and we’ve been married for 23 years now. A lot of our friends are divorced.

I think this is the kind of book that will get very different reactions from readers. I give it 3 out of 5 stars. You can get Kadin’s book on Amazon, and it is currently free.

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  • Riley Green says:

    I’ve been dying to read this! My idea of a perfect escorts time out in London is staying in and reading a good book in my bed. Thanks for sharing your insights, now I’m definitely going to read this.

    • Georgia Carter Mathers says:

      I hope you enjoy it. I think the escorts series is Teshco’s other series, if you’re referring to that. Anyway, come back and let us know whether you liked it. 🙂

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