Are erotic romance readers turning to sweet romance fiction? Page 3

The quiz

The quiz focused on the issue of whether or not readers are moving away from erotic romance to sweet romance. Quiz responses were received beginning 25 May 2018 at 9:25 a.m. Brisbane time, and the last response was received on 30 May 2018 at 4:15 p.m. Brisbane time.

Some respondents said that the quiz was too restrictive and that they read neither sweet or erotic in its purest forms, and that is a genuine viewpoint.

Romance writing tips

So, I added in an in-between option that readers could choose if they felt that it was applicable to them. I changed the quiz at the end of the first day when there were 46 completed responses. All up there were 139 responses.

This will skew the results, but given that most of the responses were completed after this point and only a small proportion of readers chose the in-between option when it was offered, the skew shouldn’t be too significant.

how I conducted the research

I talked to the authors working in these two sub-genres and asked them whether they had seen changes in their sales figures, as I’ve discussed already.

I used their responses and their insights in part to design the quiz. You can see the design below. My screenshots unfortunately aren’t very good. My desktop is in the shop at the moment, and so I’m only working on my little laptop.

The quiz starts with one stream, which asks basic questions about the readers. This was necessary to find out what kind of romance readers are doing the test. The questions then break into three streams:

  • those who read erotic romance
  • those who read sweet romance
  • those who read neither sweet nor erotic romance, but read sub-genres somewhere between these two

From there, the questions focus on the issues applicable to erotic romance and sweet. Readers who read between sweet and erotic romance answered questions applicable to both areas of sweet and erotic romance.
I specifically targeted erotic romance and sweet romance readers and writers in my efforts to promote the quiz.

Below you can see the makeup of the quiz. The points added to the responses are weightings that help the quiz figure out which result you received at the end. The result at the end is just for fun, nothing else.

Quiz blueprint

Erotic romance stream

The questions veer off into different streams according to how a reader answered the last question. Those who said that they read erotic romance were shown these questions.

In-Between Erotic and Sweet Romance genres

Those who said that they didn’t like erotic or sweet romance specifically, but read somewhere between erotic romance and sweet romance were shown these questions.

Sweet romance stream

Those who said that they liked sweet romance were shown these questions.

Romance writing tips


The quiz


Definitions and sales activity of erotic romance and sweet romance authors

The results

More results: #Metoo movement, skipping over sex scenes and more

The conclusions

What do you think?

Do you think that the quiz demonstrated that romance readers can’t easily be labeled and boxed into one particular type of reading?

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