Gardening update: my green thumb’s successes and failures

About a month ago, I planted out the trellis in my backyard. I also planted some lavender in the front yard in March.

I’ve had some successes and some failures. I’ve never been good at gardening. Plants often die on me, and I hate to see things die. I often feel guilty. On the bright side, some of the plants are doing well.

The Ruby Belle and the Jasmine are thriving

The Ruby Belle has new sprouts on it and generally loves its new position. It hasn’t connected with the trellis yet, but it won’t be too long before it does, and there will be pretty red flower bells.

The Jasmine is climbing its way up the trellis already. I’m starting to think we’ll have to cut it back when it is established. But it will provide some pretty flowers and jasmine scent. Can’t wait.

but the clematis …

The Clematis is very flimsy and because it gets really windy here and there is no wind-break, it gets blown around. I’m starting to fear for it.

I don’t see much hope for this Clematis plant. I have been watering it, but I don’t think it will do much good. It is autumn here in Australia, and winter is coming. I don’t think it won’t last. 🙁

The Lavender are a little dry, but going well

I’ll have to water them some more. They get blown around in the wind too.

All up, I haven’t done too badly. If you have some pics you’d like to send in from your garden, send them in and I will publish them.

A suggestion has just been made to me that the PH level of soil might be off, and the Clematis plants are reacting to that. Possibly, I’ll try it, but does anyone know how to test this?


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