Romance writer’s trellis makeover

I have to admit my backyard patio is a bit on the plain side, so I’ve decided to give it a makeover by planting out the trellis.

The trellis beside the backyard patio looks as though it has been here for a long time. My first reaction was to replace the trellis. But that would be stupid. All I need is some willing plants to climb through the diamond-shaped holes of the trellis.

I’d like it resemble the image on the right below. I’m not sure I’ll pull it off. I’ve never had a green thumb, and the DIY gardening magazines always make it look so easy.

I don’t know the name of the plant that is climbing up the trellis above, but I admire its courage. I’ve been watering it, and it has rewarded me with those pink flowers. It needs some companion plants though. So I went in search of some Clematis, Delphinium, a climbing rose named Paul’s Scarlet, some Bleeding-heart and Daffodils. This is what I came home with.

Clematis Vino

Clematis Vino

Clematis Josephine

Clematis Josephine

The Clematis plants were hard to plant because they were so flimsy.

Star Jasmine

Star Jasmine


Digging the damned holes was the hardest part. It must have taken us an hour to do the planting. The soil is rich and red, but it is very hard. My wonderful husband dug most of the holes with this circular auger, but in the end, because he has a back condition, I retrieved the pick from the shed and started hacking.

Front of the trellis: I put a Pandorea ‘Ruby Belle’ here next to the existing plant.

The side trellis

The side trellis came out quite well. I think the Jasmine will have no trouble climbing up that trellis. I’m a bit concerned about the Clematis though, but I’m sure with a little twine, they’ll climb up.

So, that was my excitement for today. If you have some gardening pics, send them in, and I’ll publish them.

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