Meet the writers who stare down adversity and smile!

Courageous author, who has suffered much adversity, Lily Amis

Courageous author and publisher–Lily Amis

Wanika Fazekas and Lily Amis both write about adversity. Lily writes memoir, while Wanika writes paranormal romance. Both however, write about the happiness that comes when we look beyond it.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to work with and meet a number of authors. I spoke at the Writers Unleashed Festival in Gymea, Australia on August 19. When writers came up and thanked me for what they had learned, that was something special. It was a wonderful day for all concerned. A special thank you goes out to the organizing committee at Writers Unleashed.

The Lily Amis Story: It takes great courage to face losing your home

I’ve also had the opportunity to meet Lily Amis on my internet travels. Lily has been featured in such publications as Female First, where she details the despair and detachment of living in a foreign country. I can honestly say that my home means absolutely everything to me; to be ripped away from that home by war is unthinkable, but it happened to Lily.

She is the author of twelve books, among which is The Lily Amis Story. It is a memoir that starts with a reflection on what life was like in Iran. I’ve lived a privileged life. I’ve never heard a bomb fall close to my home, but Lily has. Despite all the adversity and disadvantage, Lily carved a life and a career in publishing. She also publishes a free blogger magazine called Read My Mind. She has been busy, and she has a bright future. I wish her every success.

Surrender: Parker knows what it is like to be homeless. But her passion takes her to heights she never imagined

Another author who writes characters who endure adversity is Wanika Fazekas. I’ve talked about Wanika before. She wrote the first book in the Avalon Series, Abandon, and now she has released Surrender. This book brings back emotions of homelessness for me; it is an emotional roller coaster. I loved the reference to ‘Ocean Drive’, and I can’t get over the cover. Dean looks exactly how I imagined him to be.

Surrender by Wanika Fazekas. Both Parker and Dean suffer adversity. Can they overcome it?

Surrender by Wanika Fazekas

He is all kinds of screwed up and so is Parker for that matter. By the way, here is the blurb.

Parker Doyle has always been in love with Dean Saunders, and even though she endures Dean taking another girlfriend, Parker doesn’t realize she still wields an addictive pull on Dean.

Neither is ready for the fateful mark of the Dragmir Werewolf Pack, or that Parker takes another boyfriend.

Will she follow fate and be with Dean, or will she be loyal to her current boyfriend?

They’re confused, in love and taking risks that their bodies can’t keep up with.

I feel for Parker. At one point, she absolutely feels she is doing the right thing, even though all her friends frown down on her. And this book brings up issues of loyalty and having the courage to find happiness with your fated true love.

Both Parker and Dean demonstrate incredible sensitivity to each other’s needs. At one point, Dean tells Parker that she should let herself fall in love with someone else; that other man has more to offer than he could at the time.

I’m not saying how it works out.


You’ll have to read it for yourself.


Surrender is up for pre-release at the moment, and if you buy now, you’ll receive it on 11 September. Get in quick to read the newest offering from Wanika Fazekas!

Congratulations Wanika on another great book!!

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